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What services Essay Bird provide?

Essay Bird UK provides various academic writing services ranging from essay, assignment, dissertation, thesis, report, and presentations. All of our services are offered with state of art methodology with immense creative approach, providing clients with an authentic and joyful experience.


Which subjects do you write for?

We have a pool of qualified writers from almost all fields. With their immense qualification and experiences, they are able to provide you academic writing help for all types of subjects.


Do you have quality assurance unit?

Our service focus is on quality with happy client service attitude. For this purpose, we have a strong proofreading process for all out writing. Therefore, we never compromise on quality, and promise a high level service every time.


Do you ever re-sell or publish my paper online?

No. It’s a strict trait of our privacy policy that we never re-sell or re publish any client’s paper. All the original written work becomes the sole property of the client. In fact, after a short period of time, the written copy is deleted from our system when the client expresses his satisfaction.


Is there any Paper Standard?

We offer three types of paper standards namely, Platinum, Premium and standard. These paper standards vary in cost and quality. Thus, with respect to ranks, platinum paper is the highest quality paper standard.


How much time do you need to deliver my paper?

We deliver your papers in your chosen deadline. Our services are available 24/7 throughout the year. So whatever deadline you provide, we target to fulfill the task beyond it, with full perfection. However, in some tough papers, at least 24 hours are required.


What are your pricing?

Price of the paper varies on the basis of topic category, paper standard, number of pages and deadline. Here, topic category is the subject for which you want assistance. For instance, topic categories such as Finance, Statistics, and Computer Science have higher rates than others, such as Marketing and Management. Similarly, price of paper for 10 pages are higher than a single page. Consequently, the price of platinum is higher than premium and standard papers. Choosing urgent delivery for the paper can add in the price of the paper.


Are there any discounts on the papers?

Yes, we offer discounts on papers from 15% to 25% only on choosing 2:1 Paper Standard and First Class Paper respectively. To avail discounts, coupon codes can be used in order form in ‘coupon code’ field.


Do you have installment facility?

Yes, we offer an installment plan for ease of payments. For this, you have to inform us about the number of installments and then we will provide you with the installment code accordingly. Use that code in ‘Coupon code’ field to avail installments. However, while placing the order, you will have to make payment for at least one installment so that we can process your order.


What if I am not satisfied with your written paper?

If you are not satisfied with our provided service, then you can ask for Free Revisions for unlimited times.


Am I eligible for refund in case I do not get the revision urgently?

The revision usually takes 24-48 business hours, depending on the writer’s availability and response. Clients are informed about estimated time for revision, but in case of urgent revision request, we are not liable for refund.


Do you have a refund policy?

We refund you 100% of your order if it is cancelled within 24 hours after placement. If you think that your requirements are not fulfilled properly, then you can ask for review. While on the other hand, if you cancel your paper after 48 hours, after placing the order, we will refund you only 75% of the order amount. We do not refund after delivery.